The Bard

  • Singers of enchanting melodies, entertaining Nobles and the poor alike, a Bard is often welcome in Cities, Towns and Villages. A Bard with a gripping story to tell will never be short of money nor lodgings.
  • Wanderers and travellers, they have a wide range of abilities, learning as they traverse the lands. As a result, Bards tend to be a class that can be quite versatile in many ways but lacks the specialization of others such as rouges or mages.
  • They can utilise magic, Bards can weave spells in with their songs and tales, some will play magical instruments, often used to soothe and charm those around them.
  • The wildlands and certain cities can be very dangerous places, so a wandering storyteller should be able to handle a blade to a decent level and have some knowledge of basic armours.


One of the most famous bards in recent times can be found at the last inn before the wildlands. The inn is called the Orc and Flagon. It’s cosy bar room filled with folk who’ve travelled far and wide to enjoy the warmth of a roaring fire, drink fine beer and eat the best warm food for miles. Flames dance whilst the logs crackle, the smoke from pipes rises, a bluish haze to the room. Brollo the Bard can be found here by the glowing hearth on most nights indulging the patrons with fantastical tales and stories of ages gone by. Sometimes he will ask the audience for any adventures they’ve had, and he will spin a tale so enchanting and fascinating, everyone in the room feels as if they are part of the story.

Brollo is a master of making heroes and imagining monsters. Two of his favourites are the legendary stories of infamous rogue and scoundrel Lorik of Meserot, whose daring escapades never fail to please and Rex Stormcleaver, sole survivor from the ambush at Wyvern pass, a memory most shudder to think about. Yet Brollo is able to turn that disastrous defeat into a mesmerising tale of courage and sacrifice that fills the soul with a hardiness for those that will journey from the Orc and Flagon out into the Wildlands beyond.

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