The Ranger


  • Specializing in outdoor and wilderness survival, the Ranger is skilled in using the environment to their advantage, from being able to climb proficiently, follow the tracks of animals, forage for food and build shelters.
  • Proficient with both melee and ranged weapons, a Ranger has to be able to defend themselves against the dangers that lurk in the wilderness and dark forests of the world.
  • The ability to master animal taming. Rangers can tame wildlife to help them with their wilderness survival using the natural abilities of a wide range of birds and animals to their advantage.
  • Rangers can learn spells that manipulate the natural world around them, whether it is to make a set of tracks easier to see, climb trees that would otherwise be impossible to get up or camouflage themselves amongst the flora surrounding them.


Stepping out from the dense foliage, a figure could be seen, head resting on chest, legs outstretched, their back resting against the trunk of a large oak tree. Its massive twisted roots snaked out into the small clearing, a smattering of bushes and short grass before the forest surrounded everything with its dense green wall. A slight rustle amongst the leaves of the trees on the edge of the clearing made the figure look up.

“You found me then.” it said, the voice was male, gruff and laboured. He hawked and spat.

“Yes, I believe so.” replied a voice with calm measure. Another figure stepped out into the clearing. Tall, slim and dressed in a simple dark green cloak. They removed their hood to reveal a slender face with high cheek bones, raven black hair streaked with white, tied back at the neck.

“My name is Orathar and I’ve been hired to find you Lawson Black.”

“I know who you are elf, I have my eyes and ears in town you know. Soon as I heard it was you, thought I’d best put some distance in sharp, try cover my tracks best I could, didn’t think I’d done too bad neither.”

“You did vey well, the false trail you laid was good, however a couple of slight impressions in the soil that didn’t seem quite in place were all I needed to put me on the right one.” Replied the Elf.

“So, what now? I can’t go no further, have a look at my foot see, pretty darn sure I’ve done my ankle on a cursed rabbit hole.” said Lawson.

“Well that’s depends” replied the elf, “The City watch aren’t too fussed how I bring you back, I still get paid the same. It’s down to you.

“Well if it was down to me you’d cut me a deal then follow that false trail, but I’m reckoning that’s not your thinking. So being as I’m laid up, I’m at your mercy. I’ll come quiet like, you’ll have to help me mind, I can’t walk.”

The Elf thought for a moment, considering the outlaws words. “I have an idea, this will help.”

The outlaw watched as the elf muttered apparently to himself, making strange motions with his arms at the dense forest around. Lawson watched in disbelief as the edge of the dense undergrowth of ferns and bushes flattened down to form snaking carpet of green leading back out of the forest.

“It’s the best I can do, I’ll make a crutch for your ankle, it should be easier to head back now. You can travel on my horse once we’re out of this place. One thing I should mention, I’ll put a word in with the captain for good behaviour. They might find a use for you after all. Be thankful they still class you as a petty criminal, probably your last chance though.” Said the Elf.

“That’s mighty generous of you Elf, I’ll try not to forget.”

Hobbling slowly on a make shift crutch, the outlaw went first, followed by the slender figure of the Elf. Into the trees they went following the green path that seemed to lay out as they walked, some mastery over nature learned so long ago and passed on through the generations.

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