The Thief

  • Also known as the Scout, the Rogue and sometimes…the Assassin.
  • Subterfuge and trickery, masters of disguises, sneaking past guards and hiding in shadows.
  • Able to pick locks and disarm traps, the thief is ideal for those who wish to play a character more suited to watching and waiting, using their skills when the time is right.
  • Need to find out what lies beyond? Worried about an ambush? No Problem! A thief will be able to pad silently ahead, eyes peeled and report back.
  • Able to strike with precision! Thieves can inflict serious injury with daggers and short swords, especially when an adversary is currently occupied…
  • The ability to move silently and act quickly means that thieves and similar professions tend to be clad in nothing more than the lightest of leather armour and use the least encumbering weapons.



“I’m looking for discretion, no questions asked…”. The words kept going around Lorik’s head. He could hear the muffled clash of iron on iron and more running feet. It would be over soon. Then the hunt would begin, the lock-down had already started. Lorik cursed his employer. He ran through in his head what had happened. A simple job. An inside job. Just get the small box from the wall safe, don’t open it and bring it straight back to the meet up point. His employer had emphasized…” nice and quiet, no one is to be hurt”.

They had managed to scale the wall easily, Lorik himself had subdued the one guard stationed outside the door to the tower. Bound and gagged the guard was dumped into an empty barrel whilst Lorik sprang the lock to the lower level. So far so good. The guards outside the room, they didn’t even question their new orders. Lorik never felt comfortable in the presence of those that could manipulate the mind, a dangerous one that mage.

He had quietly worked the lock mechanism on the door the guards were outside. Lorik was about to gently open the door, when the hired muscle, a street thug, shoved Lorik aside and bellowing, charged headlong into the room sword drawn.

From his hiding place, Lorik could hear dogs barking. He took a deep breath, he’d have to move soon. Lorik suspected the thug had been given orders himself to wait for an opportune moment and dispose of the merchant. The moment that brute barged in, the merchant was bolt upright in his bed, jangling the rope by his bedside, the bells clanging.

That was it for Lorik, as the first bell rang, he knew that it was everyone for themselves. Sprinting back up the corridor they had come he had tried the first door he found. A small storeroom. He jammed the door shut. Running feet went past the door, then the clash of weapons from where he’d just left. He looked around spotting some old tapestries strewn on the floor, and a couple of empty wooden boxes. There was only one way in from which he had come. Glancing up at the wall opposite the door he could see some of the stone was loose around a small grated window about six feet from the floor. Lorik felt for his small knife, and he still had some rope coiled in his backpack. If he could work that stone loose…

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