Congratulations! So, you’ve rolled you’re attributes and you’ve decided that your warrior is a lean mean killing machine and nothing can stand in their way. But why are they despised by everyone they interact with? Why do merchants think its okay to double the price on things your character wants to buy? Why does your character always get the blame for every little bar brawl?

Perhaps, when rolling up your attributes there was one that is quite commonly overlooked, Charisma. I mean does it matter how like-able your alter ego really is when you can strut about with confidence in your martial abilities?  Having a more personable approach can often achieve the same results and this is where the charisma score comes in.

Charisma represents your characters interaction with others in many ways. For example, is your character a natural leader? Would they be able to lead a company of soldiers into battle? Can they persuade someone to part with vital information the party needs or perhaps that merchant has an item that is rare and unique, maybe the merchant can be talked into handing it over?

Some character professions will benefit from having a high charisma score. As professions that have a lot of interaction with other people, Bards will use charisma as one of the main attributes for professional bonuses, but it could also be applies to thieves and rangers as well. It’s worth considering that charisma would help a character in the world no matter what profession they are.

As mentioned before, different game systems use attribute (or stats) in varying ways, Call of Cthulhu doesn’t have a charisma stat for example but it has both Appearance and Power. The Power stat is important as it gives you your overall sanity points, which are vital for your investigators ability to stay sane when confronted by the horrors that will pop out in a Cthulhu game.

I always like to have a high charisma for my characters wherever possible, I feel that whilst I might not have the strongest or wisest of characters, at least I know that they were liked down the tavern.

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