The Barbarian

  •  Famed for their ferocity in battle, Barbarians will charge headlong into the fray, eager for combat.
  • A fighting style that is undisciplined and fierce, Barbarian fighters generally don’t have the formal weapons training compared to those living in the cities who  would have better access to weapon masters and teachers. Living a much more nomadic tribal lifestyle, any training given would have been passed on through Chiefs, Elders and Warband leaders.
  • Barbarians fight in a much more individualistic way. As the battle intensifies a player’s character can enter the berserk rage or battle frenzy.
  • Barbarians have much more of a connection with nature, quite often they have access to skills not dissimilar to those of a Ranger with an ability to handle animals and some basic survival skills. Barbarians also tend to fight with little armour or protection, relying on their ferocity in battle to protect them.

Perhaps one of the most identifiable character classes in role-playing games and also the most recognizable in a fantasy setting. Robert E Howard’s “Conan the Barbarian” has been immortalized not only in his own works but still is to this day.  From Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan in the 1980’s films, the Conan pen and paper role-playing game and computer games such as the recently released Conan Exiles. The adventures of Conan have helped bring the Barbarian class alive in role-playing games.

Celtic hero “Slaine” created by Pat Mills and appearing in the comic 2000AD has also massively influenced the role of the barbarian.  Slaine is legendary for his ability to enter into the battle frenzy known as a “warp spasm”, giving him superhuman abilities to smite down his foes with his legendary axe “Brainbiter”.

With characters such as these two, there is a definite appeal to play a Barbarian. In fact in the Conan role-playing game originally published by Mongoose, you can if you choose,  play a Cimmerian Barbarian. If there was ever a class that has a reputation for ferocity in battle this is it and will no doubt add a massive bonus to combat encounters!

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