The Grey Ooze

The Party had known for some time that something had been following them. They were all on edge. It had suddenly reared up out of nowhere as they walked down the passageway. Lying unseen as the party past, the torchlight had briefly revealed a strange slime like thing that struck the Dwarven warrior on the arm before sliding off. There was a hissing and fizzing as his scalemail bracer melted. Someone quickly cut the straps that held it in place and the piece clattered to the ground, a gaping hole visible, however no injury to the Dwarf.

A grey slick visible in the flickering light seemed to be aware of them. It was spread out across the passageway but seemed to be gathering itself. Globule-like tentacles headed in the direction of the adventurers. They backed off quickly, wary of what this strange thing was…


Brought to the big screen in the 1958 B-Movie horror film “The Blob”, Gary Gygax and co managed to incorporate their own version of this oddity into Dungeons and Dragons.

The Grey Ooze is actually one of four oozes that feature in Dungeons and Dragons. The others being the Ochre Jelly, Black Pudding and Gelatinous Cube. The Grey Ooze predominately lives underground, it can’t climb walls or hang from ceilings but slithers along the floor, looking for food or any organic matter that it can digest. When still it looks like an oily pool or wet rock and launches itself at a potential victim when it perceives something is nearby.

It has a corrosive attack and can destroy metal weapons and armour. Resistant to various types of attacks, (including fire, so trying to set it alight with a torch won’t hurt it!)  killing one isn’t as straight forwards as imagined. It’s probably possible to bash it to pieces with maybe a wooden club, or perhaps use a ranged attack?

Its a lower level monster in Dungeons and Dragons, but still challenging due to its stealth and difficulty to hurt. If you have ever had to kill a Grey Ooze, then let us know here!




  1. That is just absolutely terrifying. How would you kill something like that?? I asked one of my customers who seemed like a seasoned adventurer and he just said “you run” and went back to his drink.

    Does it dissolve if you lure it into water? Is it sentient? Can it be reasoned with or bribed?

    Now I’m gonna have nightmares…

    • It can’t be reasoned with as far as I’m aware. It is able to detect the presence of lifeforms nearby, it just eats and eats and isn’t fussy what its next meal is…

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