Art & Arcana- A beautiful history of Dungeons and Dragons Artwork!


I just couldn’t resist it. It was though a charm spell had made me open my wallet and buy Art and Arcana. It made me spend my hard earned coins. I shook my head clear of the fuzziness and suddenly, I stood outside the bookshop in Bath. I was clutching this wonderful, weighty book in my arms. What a glorious book this is! Art and Arcana is packed with a massive array of artwork! Brilliantly put together, helping to carry the D&D story along to the present day. I’ve yet to sit down and dedicate the hours required to look at it properly but a quick flick through reveals a treasure trove of artwork for D&D manual covers, book covers, concept art and even how the different creatures have evolved artistically over the years..

This one below, I remember from when I borrowed that particular edition from my uncle, before I got my first D&D set.


If there was something you wanted to add to a christmas list then I highly recommend it!

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