Adventure Hooks I – The Note

All are available to download  (at the end of each hook) for people to use in their campagins as they see fit. I’ve left them as open as possible so DM’s have as much creative input as they need. I hope you enjoy!

The Note

Pulling on the heavy wooden door you walk into the Warg and Claw Tavern. Eyes scanning the smoky common room for the human male who approached you earlier today. You still have the small parchment note he gave you in your pocket.

There, in the corner he sits. He glances up as you walk in. He smiles at you and beckons you over.

“Ah! I’m glad you came. I wasn’t sure how many people would read the note I was handing out in town earlier and turn up.” He explains.

After beckoning you to sit down, he leans forward and in a whispering tone “I was select in who I gave the note to. I need people of calibre for what I’m asking. I think you have what it takes. I can tell.”

“Now that we are gathered, let me explain why we are here. My name is Arleon, and I represent a group of concerned citizens who wish something to be done about a local problem. I’ve approached the authorities in town, but they are unable to help. They just don’t have the resources to deal with this issue.”

Pausing for a moment, Arleon continues his story. “You see, about two days ride from here, not far from the road are the ruins of Fangrol Castle. Over the last six months, there have been numerous attempts by assailant’s unknown of robbery. Two merchants complained to the authorities of Brigands who beat and robbed them. They had left them for dead. Luckily one of the merchants attacked had some skill in healing and they were able to get back to town and raise the alarm.”

Arleon looks around as he lets this information sink in. “There have been other attacks as well. Sadly, the brigands seemed to have taken to killing the people they rob. We’ve lost seven people. The authorities did do a sweep of the area, but the brigands were well warned and took off before they could be caught. “

He pauses and leans in closer. “This will be dangerous work. I want to you to pose as travellers, lure them out and destroy these vermin.”

“Of course, you can use any method you feel will get the best result. The brigands must die, that is all I ask. You can take anything you find from them and keep it as part of your reward. The rest of the reward is here, money we have all pooled together to hire the best. You can have half up front and the rest when the job is done. What do you say? Will you accept my offer?”

Adventure Hooks 1 The Note






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