The Search Begins


After successfully returning the stolen horses and recovering the Elf’s beloved pony, our adventurers returned to the village of Hollowdown. The party were gratefully received by the villagers, a much better improvement in relations than previously. However, it had not gone without incident. It was assumed that it was the same culprits who had broken into the inn where they were staying and stolen a rare stone from one of the patrons. Blood red in colour and with strange markings on it, the owner had been heading to Baldur’s Gate to speak with those who would be able to reveal more about this odd stone.

Our Explorers had also been trying to find out more about strange blue flames seen swirling across the landscape. These had been seen by the local blacksmith’s son. He’d run off in terror when he saw them. Rumours of blue flames had been circulating across the Sword Coast for some time. Whilst nobody had actually been able to get close, it was reported that individuals who could harness the essence of magic and elements lost their abilities to call upon the fabric of magic for spell casting.  This was a grave concern to those in power at Baldur’s Gate.

Our adventurers had heard whispered rumours that all use of unauthorised magic in a large area around Baldur’s Gate was now a criminal offence until the Authorities had solved the problem of these strange, unsettling blue flames.

Whilst  able to bring back the horses, they hadn’t located the missing stone. Whoever had taken it was long gone. The horses had been found abandoned wandering aimlessly. It looked like the Tiefling was right, the second set of tracks he had found leaving the village showing only one horse which was probably the thief. It was a tough choice. The Elf had lost her beloved pony which she couldn’t just abandon to a fate unknown.

Upon returning to Hollowdown a local villager by the name of Meave Godwin pleaded with the party to search for her husband. A Shepherd called Blythe Godwin who had gone missing near an old iron Mine. The locals had been unwilling to help and were wary of straying too far after the blue flame sighting by the Blacksmith’s son. Grudgingly, and under severe emotional duress by Meave herself, the party agreed to help.

A rather unkempt human by the name of Jeramol, who introduced himself to the party at the Bear and Bard Inn offered to help the adventurers. For a Price. Agreeing to his demands, they set off the next morning to search for the shepherd.

The Iron mine was a full day’s ride from the village. As they meandered across the countryside, Jeramol guided them to the track that lead to the mine. Picking up the trail they plodded towards their destination. It was on this very trail as it passed through a small area where the hills rose either side, they found a dead horse, peppered with arrows.

Cautious and alert, the adventurers looked around the scene of the crime. Without warning they too were suddenly assaulted with arrows. Brandishing wicked looking scimitars, a group of Goblins charged down the slopes, whilst others hung back taking pot shots. With fire and sword, our brave explorers beat back the Goblin’s attack leaving many dead.

The party themselves were badly mauled. Some were badly wounded and they needed to rest to refresh their magical abilities. It was noted that previous to their battle, tracks had shown somebody had been dragged off away from the dead horse. Perhaps the Shepherd was still alive? Jeramol said he knew of a place nearby that would provide suitable refuge whilst they rested up. Whilst they wished to continue looking for the shepherd, they were in no fit state to risk another fight with his captors. They rode a short distance to the Mercenary’s spot and made camp.

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