It’s not time at the bar!

Hello fellow gamers, fantasy fans and followers of all things dicey and attributey. It’s been awhile I have to admit since my last post.  Finally, inbetween a nightshift and dayshift I finally get some time to pull some pints and chat with the customers who have travelled these wildlands to the Orc and Flagon.

Things are starting to settle down in my new job (UK NHS Ambulance service, just a different area). Now I have a new crewmate, shift rota and Ambulance station I can switch my focus from all things Nee Naw to the more important things in life such as writing more adventure hooks, attempting to design more maps and continuing my other writing stuff. This is something I’ve been meaning to do more of so expect more stories and other things to appear up here.

I also want to continue working through various character stuff, roleplay ideas and of course continue with monster descriptions, weapons descriptions and anything else that springs to mind. For those that are subscribed then thanks once again for staying with the blog and welcome to those that have made it through the wildlands and finally got to the bar.


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