Welcome to role-playing



I hope you enjoy reading through this blog and as it develops over time, with more things being added regularly, I’d love for people to post ideas, artwork, anything they have written and advice they can offer others.

It must be said that I’m a bit of a daydreamer. I wouldn’t say that I totally have my head in the clouds, but I can easily spend a large part of my day exploring ancient crypts, vanquishing deadly foes or hatching a daring plan with fellow adventurers. This curiosity led me to discover the wonderful worlds of role playing games, where you can be anything and pretty much do anything (provided you can roll for it.)

Having a friend who introduced me to BBC Micro computer games (think Elite) and Dungeons and Dragons, it took off from there. From my very first D&D box set to the Fighting Fantasy books by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone then Warhammer miniatures and battles, the 80’s were pretty awesome for fledgling role-players. I was hooked and over the years have kept up with my gaming tendencies and played a fair few different games and systems.

I wanted to do this blog for the growing number of people out there who are actively role playing, or perhaps have only just discovered gaming. But also, because it has perhaps come full circle with TV shows like Stranger Things and giving a nod to those amazing gaming sessions with everyone grouped round the table.


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