Adventure Hooks

Stuck for an idea to get your characters together? Need to find a situation to kick off an epic campaign? Perhaps you wish to get this party started in an already precarious situation?

So what is an adventure hook? A good adventure hook is something that engages the players at the start of a game. In a role-playing game, after the characters have been rolled up, the next question is, well what now? The party has been formed but so far its just a random number of characters milling around. An adventure hook is designed to give them a purpose to start with. It also can serve as an introduction to each of the characters themselves.

Adventure hooks can be used to gently prod the characters into taking a certain course of action to motivate them on a quest. For example, a new party of adventurers are gathered in a local Tavern. They are all there after reading a poster looking for adventurous types who are willing to explore a local ruined castle after some people disappeared. Perhaps the locals weren’t up to the task for various reasons and a team needed to be brought in who could look into the problem for payment etc.

An adventure hook could be anything to get the party started. Any location, any setting. It has to be engaging and hopefully get to the players interested! The adventure hooks posted here are all available to use in any game and will be regularly updated with new ones being added.