Arms & Armour

Without either of these, characters would die quickly and no monsters would be slain (unless by magic of course)! There is a huge amount of different types of armour and spiky, pointy, vicious looking implements. These can be used with good effect  to maim, kill and subjugate all foes and npcs encountered during the course of a campaign.  Alot of the time, arms and armour will be limited to the character professions that one has chosen. Unless a melee specialist and being proficient in certain armour, it might mean having to use lighter materials that offer less protection and more basic weapons more suited to a characters skill-set. I find it hard to imagine a rogue being able to stealthy burgle a house with a great-sword strapped to their back.

There are many different options and as many as possible will be covered! Also guidance on character class suitability is something that will be added.