The Search Begins

  After successfully returning the stolen horses and recovering the Elf’s beloved pony, our adventurers returned to the village of Hollowdown. The party were gratefully received by the villagers, a much better improvement in relations than previously. However, it had not gone without incident. It was assumed that it was the same culprits who had … More The Search Begins

RPG Kitchen

RPG Kitchen December Newsletter is here! … Brilliant read with loads of excellent artwork, stories and gaming information. All for a worthy cause. Spread the word!

Art & Arcana- A beautiful history of Dungeons and Dragons Artwork!

I just couldn’t resist it. It was though a charm spell had made me open my wallet and buy Art and Arcana. It made me spend my hard earned coins. I shook my head clear of the fuzziness and suddenly, I stood outside the bookshop in Bath. I was clutching this wonderful, weighty book in … More Art & Arcana- A beautiful history of Dungeons and Dragons Artwork!

Happy Halloween!

  (Malloy 501) I present to you the…Hand! This is my second attempt at drawing on an ipad with procreate. Initially I had the idea for this from this picture of the Croglin Vampire  by Les Edwards based on the supernatural story surrounding Croglin Grange.  As I drew the creepy appendage I suddenly remembered an even … More Happy Halloween!

Luck of the Dice…

The Party has stopped overnight in the shelter of an old castle. Most of the walls have crumbled away over time, old grey stone covered in lichen and soft, springy mosses. As the adventurers approached the castle, the GM made them roll against perception. A couple of party members noticed that some of the stonework … More Luck of the Dice…