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    Bando Grasshugger – son of Yugo and ‘Shrinking’ Violet Grasshugger, grandson of Blendin Fastfoot on his mother’s side – is a Hobbit of noble character and outstanding cowardice. Always absent in a pinch and with a remarkable fortitude for disappearing when needed.
    It is said (usually out of earshot) that he inherited the trait from both his mother and father’s sides of the family and that following their marriage it was a full 3 weeks before the couple set eyes on each other despite living in the same smial. With this in mind it is remarkable Bando was even born.
    Bando is 65 years old, 3’8” tall and quite slight for a Stoorish Hobbit with only a moderate paunch, He has a pale complexion and dark bags around his eyes from incessant worrying. He did have fair curly hair (more of that later) and is accustomed to dressing in the style of his forefathers in tan breeches, striped cotton shirts and tweed waistcoats. He usually looks remarkably unprepared for whichever environment he finds himself in.
    He is originally from the village of Combe, near Bree, and started his life in a small farming community – in fact Grasshugger’s parsnips are well known and revered throughout Breeland and the Shire.
    Unfortunately for him, Bando’s usual reserve left him one Thrimidge afternoon for no good reason. He got into an uneasy conversation with a Barbarian from the North of the Midnight Hills he met at Bree market, which led to a few pints of Grogitt’s Old Troll Thumper at the Blue Boar inn, which led to a few more at the Prancing Pony, and he woke up in the back of a wagon bound for Rhun.
    His friend’s preference to crush his enemies, to see them driven before him, and to hear the lamentations of their women, left little time for second breakfast or afternoon tea.
    Bando’s parsnip days were over.
    There were many adventures on the way to the tundra of Rhun, Bando lost an eye to a badly adjusted spear trap (anyone else would have taken a graze to the knee), and found out the hard way that being at the back of a party attacking a fire drake is fine until everyone flees and you are then at the front when it flies overhead and attacks. Bando’s shaggy locks and most of the back of his torso were badly scorched and the hair has never grown back. Ever the ingenious Hobbit, he crafted a straw hat from the remaining unburnt grass which he now wears on all occasions to save people having to look at his unsightly scars. His opinion on Dragons remains unchanged but his sneaking skills have taken precedence over his running ability.
    Bando was last seen in a nomadic yak farming region with his barbarian friend seeking a map of the route East and homeward, and teaching them (unsuccessfully) how to cultivate parsnips.

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