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The Mage

There are many subclasses of magic user with a wide range of specializations. Here is an overview of some of the more common skills that they share. The ability to manipulate the energies of the world around them in a variety of ways. Some magic users have made pacts with the very elements themselves and … More The Mage

Chainmail-Rings of Protection!

(LadyEarlene Pixabay) Famously known as the miniature wargame launched by someone called Gary Gygax. Chainmail was also a type of armour, who’d have thought! With origins as far back as the 4th Century BCE, historical sources suggest that chainmail was originally invented by the Celtic tribes of Europe. This excellent article explains in detail how mail armour (as it … More Chainmail-Rings of Protection!


  Ragnar was lost. He could hear people yelling his name. Calling out to him through the gloom and swirling fog that he found himself in. The  water came up to his knees. A muddy soup thick with wiry grasses and reeds that got tangled in his long legs as he waded along. Torveld was … More Lizardfolk

Art & Arcana- A beautiful history of Dungeons and Dragons Artwork!

I just couldn’t resist it. It was though a charm spell had made me open my wallet and buy Art and Arcana. It made me spend my hard earned coins. I shook my head clear of the fuzziness and suddenly, I stood outside the bookshop in Bath. I was clutching this wonderful, weighty book in … More Art & Arcana- A beautiful history of Dungeons and Dragons Artwork!