Happy Halloween!

  (Malloy 501) I present to you the…Hand! This is my second attempt at drawing on an ipad with procreate. Initially I had the idea for this from this picture of the Croglin Vampire  by Les Edwards based on the supernatural story surrounding Croglin Grange.  As I drew the creepy appendage I suddenly remembered an even … More Happy Halloween!

Skeleton Warriors- Shake, Rattle and Bone!

Rising  from the grave, summoned back to terrify the living! (Pinterest, James Mark Debano) These long dead bones will obey the every command of whoever brought them back from the dead. Brought to life on the big screen by the legendary Ray Harryhausen. His many monsters thrilled audiences for decades, myself included. Perhaps one of the … More Skeleton Warriors- Shake, Rattle and Bone!

Halflings-Fantasy’s stealthy little folk

  Without a doubt, J.R.R Tolkien’s Bilbo Baggins is probably the most famous of all Halflings (or Hobbits!). Following the courageous antics of Bilbo in “The Hobbit”, his nephew Frodo Baggins and trusty sidekicks Sam, Merry and Pippin continued the saga in “Lord of the Rings”. With such influential characters , who wouldn’t want to … More Halflings-Fantasy’s stealthy little folk

The Grey Ooze

The Party had known for some time that something had been following them. They were all on edge. It had suddenly reared up out of nowhere as they walked down the passageway. Lying unseen as the party past, the torchlight had briefly revealed a strange slime like thing that struck the Dwarven warrior on the … More The Grey Ooze


Orcs are an interesting bunch. Their appearance varies as well. I remember this as the classic D&D Orc many years ago. (Pinterest, Dead Simple RPG Blog. Otherworld Minatures) They are normally a force of evil and tend to be more in the monster tables than available as player characters. The good thing about role play … More Orcs

The Barbarian

 Famed for their ferocity in battle, Barbarians will charge headlong into the fray, eager for combat. A fighting style that is undisciplined and fierce, Barbarian fighters generally don’t have the formal weapons training compared to those living in the cities who  would have better access to weapon masters and teachers. Living a much more nomadic tribal … More The Barbarian