Monsters in Roleplaying Games

Walking through the mist. A snarl here, A growl there. Beginning to wish you had stuck to the path?

There are many monsters and creatures that adventurers will encounter. Some based on folklore, others from the imaginations of  games designers. A few have originally appeared in books (Lovecraft and Tolkien for example) and are part of the essence of those particular worlds. No matter their origin, the monsters provide both a challenge and way for the characters to progress. In most games you get experience for killing them which help characters advance in levels, Call of Cthulhu being the exception for sanity’s sake.

Monsters are also why an awful lot of adventurers decided to become adventurers in the first place. Treasure and loot! That 10ft Ogre you’ve worked so hard to dispatch is bound to have a few shiny precious things for you to take for yourself. Lets hope it was worth it!

So, in no particular order, the posts here aim to cover as many monsters found in a roleplay setting as possible. Some will be more common than others, some less so, enjoy!